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Prof Dr Alaa Masoud Homepage

The research focuses on the use of Remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the development of various Visual Basic GUIs for 2D/3D modeling and assessment of natural resources and hazards. Study areas are currently located in Egypt, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.
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State Incentive Award in Geological Sciences 2014
Minister of Higher Education of Egypt congratulating Prof Masoud for the State Incentive Award

Minister of Scientiic Research Congratulation
The congratulation Letter from Minister of Scientiic Research to Professor Alaa Masoud

University Certificate for the State Award in Geological Sciences 2014

Receiving the state award certificate from Tanta University President 19 August 2015

Certificate of the Tanta University Incentive Award in Basic Science 2013
Receiving Tanta University Incentive award from the president of Tanta University


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